Drain Cleaning & Unblocking

At Drain Fix Services we are specialists in all aspects of drain cleaning and unblocking, delivering an efficient and effective service to customers based throughout the entirety of Co. Dublin. We undertake tasks of all sizes and specifications so no matter the issues, we will be able to help. We have a skilled, fully qualified team of tradesmen here in our Dublin 18 headquarters, utilising the latest and most innovative in drain cleaning and unblocking technology to deliver effective results.

CCTV Surveys

If you are experiencing issues with your drain but are not sure of the cause, we also provide a CCTV drain survey service useful for effectively identifying the cause of drainage issues. We use hi-tech cameras to see into areas that can often hide draining issues which would otherwise be inaccessible. Once we have identified the source of your drainage issue we can then provide the appropriate solution.

If you are experiencing issues with your drain system and require a CCTV survey in Dublin, just give us a call.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

We use high-pressure water jetting to clear drains, allowing us to remove even the most stubborn blockages. High-pressure water jetting is the most efficient way of leaving your drain polished and restoring free-flowing conditions. This method also allows us to eliminate any grease, dirt or debris caught in your sewer pipes without causing any damage to the system. our high-pressure water jetting services are available to customers across Dublin.

If you’re interested in our high-pressure water jetting service give us a call.