Rodent Removal & Prevention

Rodents in your drainage system can cause a lot of issues, so it is important to not only remove them but to also prevent them from returning. Drain Fix Services are agents for Ratflap, a permanent, simple and cheap solution to protecting your drainage system from unwanted rodents. The Ratflap system works by creating a barrier to rates whilst still allowing water to flow through the system. If there are already rats in your drainage system, the Ratflap allows them to leave your drainage system but blocks any return. We offer Dublin rodent removal and prevention services to domestic and commercial customers across Co. Dublin.

If you notice rodents in your drainage system it is important you call Drain Fix Services quickly as we can ensure they are removed as fast as possible. It is not recommended that you lay traps or poison, as if the rodent dies in your drainage system it can cause a foul smell and attract flies and other insects.

If you have rats or other rodents in your drainage system and need to have them removed, or would like to protect your drain from any future infestations, call Drain Fix Services now.

To learn more about the Ratflap system, visit their website: